In The Living Room

by Diva Sweetly

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erin thumbnail
erin Love this album a lot, super fun pop, every song is super great and interesting and it all stands out really well. Favorite track: Detox Island.
A.T.L thumbnail
A.T.L Kept coming back to this album over and over until I felt like I just had to buy it. Really catchy and unique. Favorite track: Comfort Food.
Graeme thumbnail
Graeme love this album Favorite track: Green Walls.
Briana thumbnail
Briana I don't think comparing bands to other bands is necessarily helpful but I will say that Diva Sweetly helped fill the Anniversary-shaped hole in my heart. That aside, this album totally stands on its own. The first release of 2019 to get me properly hyped. I can't wait for more from these guys. Favorite track: Dark Horse Lane.
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Cult 03:53
Staying in the car / Stepping on centipedes / getting calls on the phone Says it’s not a cult / says just drink this blood / doesn’t really cost that much Make you see / make you see through mud / doesn’t really cost that much Says it’s not a cult / says it’s not a cult, it’s just the way it’s cut / says he is good luck, says he won’t eat you for lunch Look at your game girl / look at your game He’s wearing purple robes / he’s driving a stagecoach He’s forgiving all my sins / I am starting to give in / til I kicked him in the shins Who’s taking me to heaven / says it’s not a cult / i’m feeling like an adult I think I’m joining in / it’s just the hand I’m dealt / I’m trying to get to heaven / I’m avoiding my way through hell / He says he is good luck
Detox Island 03:09
Talkin to tops of tree lines / Keepin my lovin in time / Tapering like a hem line \ Going through roads in my mind I know that life gives me limes / Seeing you in the meantime / Running to you in beelines / Hanging up hopes on clothes lines I’m workin 5 to 9 / Trying to make whats yours mine / Taking the car down coastlines / Your the sine to my cosine It’s a good thing (We’re counting contacts crossing county lines) In spite of everything (Keeping company in city lights) It’s a good thing (Tangled in seatbelts just to pass the time) In spite of nothing (Sharing stories on the subway line) Delicate like a daisy / Walking of feet above me / Double the distance to me / Saturdays lookin sunny Carry your voice on cassette / We’re actin like we just met Sleepover on the sunset / Canopy in the corvette The birth of outside minds / Throwing stones through boundary lines The image of your will / Symbolism standing still We create this place / Built the walls that keep you safe Calm illusion / quick escape
First things first, yeah right when I wake up / pan on the stove, face up egg sando next up load up the bowl as i scramble / feet out the door over the gold threshold the screen one slams / cause the spring on its broke / just like me after i dropped a grand / throwin all of it at weed, broken sticks and a big tour / still no regrets, just a couple scarred elbows can't go back, can't go back / can't go back now i know i used to have a good handle / but it dripped like the wax on my candles / burning just to keep me from freezing / i know just how it seems, it seems, it seems so fucking pleasing living on an island while i'm singing / throwing out my rocks, they're skippin, skippin, skippin freely / but something’s coming up here for it's feeding / i know i'm not alone so when i'm screaming / why does no one notice what you see is all you get, but i could tell you how to forget it can't go back now / i know i used to have a good handle / but it dripped like the wax on my candles / burning just to keep me from freezing / i know just how it seems
Education 03:57
You’re calling this your life / but it’s seeming like a slow suicide / it is too good to be true / i know you You‘ve got to get an education / to be the one remaining / unraavel me, i’m standing / at the top of your peak / use your long legs to walk in between You love your empty entertainment and your pseudo elevated bullshit The tongue knife is for cleaning the tongue (it’s for adults not for the young) The tongue knife is for cleaning the tongue (for when your coffee breath has lost its fun) The phone is full of people inside (When you pick it up they run) The phone is full of people inside (when you hang it up they open their eyes) I’m fleeing for my solitude / even though I’m told that it’s not what I should do You will beg for a piece of my spirit / when I tell you you can’t have it
Comfort Food 03:09
When you were making comfort food in the back room / and you were hanging bed sheets up in four bedroom / yeah, and we can make it something gold in the new home / and in the sanctum of that room where comfort blooms Meanwhile at the ranch we’re ants observing ants / while the church bells ring the keys are exchanging hands / through the stained glass windows / shadows changing shape / sweeping up the dust left here by a prior faith And you were making movies with the lights in your room / and you were flipping fragile things like they were made of stone / and you were making holy noise cutting up playboys / and you were skipping class to cut our hair in bathtubs My community watches over me / absent deity / its okay to be afraid
Where were you when the floor caved in / I was outside sipping bathtub gin / heard someone slipped something in / tryna postpone the millenium Didn’t know what the chemicals would do / we were sniffin glue from ‘92 / and i was hanging out the window, throwing up against the side Were you there for the aliens / i watched their machine descend / thought maybe we could be good friends / I guess I was tripping Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind / we start off the millenium listening to Third Eye Blind And there’s a hand, my gentle friend, and give me hand o thine / I never saw a building fall til 1999
Beneath the floorboards of this room the school girls operate a diamond mine Every card on the table is a queen of diamonds and the wallpaper howls at the moon I paint a second smile on the Mona Lisa/ Are you the one that got choked with mistletoe? The rougher the world gets around me / the sweeter I seem to myself / I’m sewing tiny velvet suits for bats Smoldering like a fuse / the furniture was flecked with foam from the moon I don’t know where to sleep tonight
I’ve done it again / next time I’ll know what to say Harvest my attention / tell me you’re a gentleman / so lend me your ears cause I’ve got nothing to say / my life is what I set my gaze upon / to look away / from all reflective surfaces I think I’m losing teeth / my value is depreciating / I’ve done it again and I can see it coming now Blushing / touching hands and feeling life is so appealing / we can break the ceiling / honey do you do that? Had an acid flashback / watching ashes fall down / happened in a small town Driving over highways, flying / hold the wheel I’m crying / think our love is dying / are you even trying / are you even trying, tell me are you trying? Are you even trying?
Something in the way the sigh lets out is telling me I’m always gonna be here / I should ball my fists / figure my shit / I wish I could But I won’t try that hard / I don’t know why I can’t just get myself to do it / something in the sky or in my blood is yelling at me saying I’m a loser And nothing that you say will make her sway / I’m too fucked up about the future / if it goes my way / I’m telling you hey / I’m not just gonna sit and watch it burn Honestly I never knew / I never knew / I swear to you / I’d quit my job today for you / today for you / I swear it’s true Quickly put up a side wall in your office / always look up and down and left and right before you cross this / I don’t have an answer today / but I know I don’t need to swim or deflate Something in the way you looked when you were looking at me Something in the way you looked when you were looking at the ground
Green Walls 03:21
Into the void we go / on hot air balloons / we pray to god the end is soon You wonder if I am losing my mind / it was just left behind The light is where you left it burning / my skeletons are teaching unlearning / the screen will always be saturated / by the malfeasance they created You will try to find me / I’ll be between green walls I found serenity / and now the ants are observing me / I’m a mirror magnified by the veins the beating inside / the walls are closing in and I let them / the microwave / the window shut / this hemisphere is shutting off and dripping down your neck And I’ll go home and I’ll get clean / and I’ll declare I’m queen of everything And I’ll go home and I’ll get clean / I’m not alone I’m something in between


released January 18, 2019


all rights reserved



Diva Sweetly North Carolina

comfort pop

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